Wednesday, June 26, 1996

Put together the registered Epsy Sans 4.0 package

Put together the family so that when you select Epsy Sans and apply the bold and italic attribute, you get Epsy Sans-Bold Italic. You can also select Epsy Sans-Bold Italic form the font menu. This is the same system that Adobe uses on it's fonts.

Monday, June 24, 1996

Finished Epsy Sans 4.0!

  • Get all the details on my Epsy Sans 4.0 page.
  • I had previously tried to get MkLinux to get to work on my Mac (from 6/15-6/21). However, I finally found out that my model Mac isn't supported. Oh, well...

Friday, June 14, 1996

Worked on Calypso (0.1 in progress)

Finished the letters "T" and "P". Didn't get as far as I wanted.

Worked on Epsy Sans Monospaced Bitmap

Finished up the plain version. My goal is to have a better-looking terminal than anyone else. So soon, instead of using Claris Works to write a letter, I'll use emacs on my unix account :-)

Thursday, June 13, 1996

Worked on Calypso (0.1 in progress)

Finished the letters "M", "R" & "T". Tomorrow I should have enough letters to spell my name.

Worked on Epsy Sans (4.0 in progress)

Printed out a sample sheet - realized that Epsy Sans changes are only visible on printed output! So basically it looks the same as before online :-)

Wednesday, June 12, 1996

Worked on Epsy Sans Bold (3.3)

  • Redrew & and *
  • Changed accents
  • Modified ae and oe ligatures
  • Fixed "y" dieresis

Worked on Epsy Sans (4.0 in progress)

  • Increased overshoot to match example (Helvetica)
  • Kerned letters with sharp apexes (i.e., M, N, V, W, X)
  • Overall improvement in character roundness.
  • Pictures tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 11, 1996

Worked on Calypso (0.1)

  • Slow-going, but it is coming together quite nicely. I finally have all the letters necessary to spell out the name of the font:


Monday, June 10, 1996

Worked on Epsy Sans 3.3

  • Changed accented characters to more closely match the Helvetica example. Now the accents have more character - rather than being just a diagonal line, they now are a full-fledged glyph!

    Old: a acute New: a acute

  • Modified the lowercase "z" to get rid of those annoying weak corners.

    Old: z New: z
  • Modified tilde using Eurostyle example.
  • I also got my Jeep back from the shop - $200 later, it runs great. And your shareware registration fees made it all possible :-)