Friday, August 30, 1996

Worked on Calypso

  • Finished V, W, X, Z
  • Finally, the whole alphabet is done! I'm currently checking out how it generates bitmaps (this is a great indicator of potential PostScript problems). I also have to create the readme file and the web pages. Keep watching this page over the weekend - I'm on a roll here!

Thursday, August 29, 1996

Friday, August 23, 1996

Worked on Simga

Finished the two character sets.
This is Simga

Tuesday, August 06, 1996

Worked on Calypso

  • Finished H, N, B and J.
  • 9 more to go!
  • Now I can spell out the name of my favorite ex-girlfriend :-)
    Stephanie Ann Boyajian

Monday, August 05, 1996

Worked on Scooter Girl

Shrunk the circles to make it look less lame :-)
Scooter Girl