Wednesday, May 21, 1997

Worked on eCasual Headline

  • This is a tall casual font based on the kind of handwriting used for some of the banners on eWorld. I plan to create a regular text version as well as the tall version.

    The Edelweiss is an Interesting German Restraunt
  • As you can see, it needs some work :-) I'm going to straighten out a few characters (like the "T", "N" and "A" and tweak the spacing a bit until I get something worth releasing to the general public.

Released Jubal Sans (Formerly the Multiple Master Font)

You can see and download it on the Jubal Sans page.

Thursday, May 15, 1997

Worked on The Multiple Master Font (Working title)

  • Well, I added international characters in the regular axises. It's getting pretty close to being a complete font. As soon as the font is fully functional, I intend to release it as beta demoware.
  • Still need to come up with a name for this font. I'll post some pictures here sometime this week and you can take a look.
  • I have been doing other font stuff between this post and the last one. Check out Virtue. This is a free font that is my representation of what I think Apple's "Charcoal" font should look like. It is only available to Mac users.